10 Free and Must Have Apps for Your New Android Phone

It’s very difficult to choose the smartphone from many brands according to your budget and need. The upcoming smartphones 2018 provides a good battery with RAM and storage capacity. There will be also an impressive camera which saves you few bucks on purchasing DSLR but what about editing image or sharing directly to your friends. There are few apps which you get pre-installed from the manufacturer like Facebook, Twitter, Default browser, Google Maps, etc. Although you are not satisfied after a few weeks, your phone might miss a few applications or might scare your privacy. In this page, we talk about 10 Free and Must-Have Apps for Your New Android Phone.

Don’t worry we have found and searched the 10 must-have apps for your new Android phone which will help you to run your phone smoothly and with the latest features. So without any delay here is the best android apps 2018 on your smartphone.

1. Image editing: Snapseed


This app gives your image professional touch with a large array of editing and filter tool with great control. When you click a picture it will be saved automatically in your personal looks and opens JPG and RAW files. There are numerous styles are which can be tweaked with fine, precise control. This app offers 29 tools like RAW develop, Tune image, Details, Crop, Rotate, Perspective, White Balance, Healing, Brush, Structure, HDR, Perspective, Lens blur, Expand, Glamor glow, Tonal Contrast, Vintage etc. that will help creators in editing to pro level.

Google-owned Snapseed allows the user to edit pictures in professional quality. For mobile photographers, it’s an amazing application with new and creative tools.

2. RSS reader: Feedly


Is your phone lags because of insufficient space, might be you have installed many apps on your recently purchased smartphone. Here we have found one application to your problem. Feedly is the best app which will keep you updated to all your news feeds with social accounts with Twitter, Facebook, Evernote, Buffer, OneNote, Pinterest, LinkedIn, IFTTT and Zapper.

This is the app used by many professional and passionate learners on their phones and tablets to follow magazine, blog, and newspaper to stay ahead. On Feedly, you will get all in one reader experience because it’s powered by RSS. You can add any RSS feed and read on your convenient. Feedly allows a user to add URL of that feed in the search bar as well as search by name.

3. Parental control: Qustodio


The Qustodio is the app if you are looking to control what your children see on your new Android smartphone and keep your device safe. This application will keep track of young kids how they use the device with fun in life and focus on routine activity. You will get automatic daily activity report, access to the web-based dashboard and parent’s app where you can track activities and edit rules.

Additionally, a user cannot uninstall Qustodio without your permission. The app will allow monitoring SMS message, monitor web and search activity, set a limit for games and apps, set device screen time limit, track this device’s location, activate SOS button that alert family members etc. This app will support Android Oreo as well as it has free and premium services.

4. Language learning: Duolingo


If you facing a problem with languages while traveling to different countries or want to learn new languages, here we recommend Duolingo application. This application is free and allow you to learn in easy and with basic grammar improvements. There are many languages options to choose from which help you for the tasked with writing, speaking and reading.

Duolingo quoted that 34 hours course is equivalent to a semester of university-level education. The most popular language courses are English for Spanish speakers, Spanish for English speakers and French for English speakers. it’s more amazing learning with daily answering new questions and practicing new words by playing games.

5. Track your cycling routes: Strava


Using your GPS Strava will help you to keep track and split between running and cycling routes. It offers many options like Distance tracker and Mile counter, Route and Trail map, Challenge and Competes, Connect and Share, Running tracker and Training. This app will watch your running activity and keep a record to help you to reach your fitness goal.

This is a good app for your smartphone with many features and pushes you to do better. It also allows you to connect strangers to compete and compare each other’s daily activity. Strava is free as well as paid premium version.

6. Explore your personality: Replika


Have you shared your thoughts on your own? Strange but true sometimes we must spend time with our self and talk. Replica uses artificial intelligence (AI) which make your phone into a digital friend with whom you can share your thinking and speaking. This application asks you a question, based on your answers and behavior over time it reacts to suites your personality.

Replika is a human AI, you can unlock your emotional intelligence, thoughts, and feelings without fear. There is no limit how much you tell Replika. You can build your lifelog and save the movement from your daily life that most important for you.

7. Multi-Function Keyboard: Swiftkey


The Swiftkey will increase your typing speed by remembering your most used words and predict on next word as you type. It supports over 60 languages with different keyboards and about 80 colorful themes. This application also allows you to hold and draw a pattern to make a quick word. You can select three languages at a time and change by long holding spacebar.

Although, it ignores password fields and allows the user to easily delete suggestions by tapping and holding option. Swiftkey comes with a good interface and bigger keys for big hands. In the setting, there are many options to choose the best interface for you. Therefore it will be best for the mobile from the default keyboard. As of now, it’s free.

8. Sound app: Noisli


If you are in need of different background sounds during yoga, your meditation, relax after a hectic schedule, reduce stress or at the spa. The Noisli provides ambient sounds whenever you need. This application allows you to edit and mix sounds as per your need and taste. All the music files are stored on your phone so that you can listen offline. It generates many sounds like raindrops, thunderstorms, wind, forest with birds, water, fireplace, leaves etc. this will boost your energy and increase your productivity.

The Noisli allows for sync, timer with fade out function, background support while you browse or use other apps. Unfortunately, this app is not free its can cost around Rs. 160 in India.

9. To-do lists: Easily Do

Easily Do

Are you having trouble to remember to-do lists or you’re the forgetful type? This application will help u to remember each and everything with the simple notes. Easily Do saves your time, efforts, and stress by managing you’re all contact management, emails, and facebook upkeep. It covers everything weather is someone’s birthday or anniversary, remind you and suggest you to message or gift.

The Easily Do will send you notifications and remind you of preset notes. If notification is not relevant, the other option is to swipe across and delete it. This application wouldn’t send notifications or reminds without your permission. But one should not totally rely on this app which is really important.

10. Password Manager: LastPass

In the digital world, there are many apps provide you with different options for online plastic cards, bank accounts, email, cloud storage, and social networks. So you might be using different passwords for each app. The LastPass will help you from hustle and bustle different pass for different apps. Although, it allows you to create a master password with two-factor authentication security.

This app helps you to sync passwords across Windows, Android, macOS, and iOS. The LastPass also gives features like remembering your credentials and suggests popup whether the user wants to copy the password to clipboard. There is no new interface in Opera and Internet Explorer and some features are a bit dated.

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