Best Applock For Android 2018 Must have Apps for Smartphone

Today it is necessary to secure our smartphone from friends or a family because it contains a lot of data, personal information, messages. We want to hide some apps in our smartphone like WhatsApp, FB, Gallery etc. When someone takes our phone we want to prevent him/her from accessing apps. Most of the device has a built-in app lock or some has not to like in Android devices. There is no shortage of app lock apps in the app store or play store. In this article, I will tell you the best method of how to lock our apps and suggest some best app lock for Android.

Here is a list of the best app lock for android 2018 must have apps for smartphone according to me.


Best Applock For Android

It is the best android app lock for android and used by most of the users and free in play store. You can use this app to lock your any app by setting your own password and prevent unwanted access. The special feature is you may hide your videos, photos from the gallery and store in a private vault. When you install the app you must create a pattern so when you use any locked app you must draw a pattern to unlock the locked app. It also includes uninstalling protection and you can also block incoming calls, Bluetooth etc.

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Knight Applock:

Privacy Knight Applock

Knight Applock designed by an Alibaba group. It is totally free or best app lock for android and does not contains ads. This app is not so much popular like Applock or Lockit. You can lock your private files, documents, photos, videos by different methods like a pin, pattern, fingerprint scanner, face tracking. You may also lock your incoming calls with the help of a special feature of this app. If anybody has given a wrong password the intruder selfie features will take the photo of the intruder and saved in a gallery.

Norton App Lock:

norton app lock

Norton name is famous for good software vendors. Norton App Lock doesn’t contain adds it is good for users. It provides both patterns or pins you may choose any one or lock your android apps. It prevents uninstallation of apps and makes your photos, videos safe from intruders. This is one of Best Applock For Android.

MAX APPLock App:


It is an app lock which is loved by a lot of users due to its wonderful interface. You can lock your apps through fingerprint scanner, pin, pattern. The amazing features of  MAX APPLock are it takes the intruder selfie and saves the location of an intruder on your phone. You can also protect uninstallation prevention. It is free for everyone and contains ads you have to purchase a premium version to remove ads from this app.

AppLock Fingerprint Unlock (By Cheetah Mobile):

Best Applock For Android

This app allows the user to use their fingerprint sensor to lock the apps. You may also create a pin or pattern to lock your apps in a smartphone. It is free and does not contain any ads. The additional features of this app are you can lock your Bluetooth, WiFi, Incoming calls. If anybody wants to try to use your phone apps or features the intruder selfie features take the selfie of an intruder.

AppLock Fingerprint (By SpSoft):

Best Applock For Android

It is a very helpful App Lock and has a user-friendly interface. You can protect your gallery, apps by pattern, pin or fingerprint scanner. The amazing features of Applock Fingerprint ( By SpSoft ) is you can lock your screen rotation and screen backlight. It is available in 30 languages and you may get a premium version to remove ads. You can also create different passwords for every single app and can also add an unreal image on locked apps. When anybody tries to open your locked app it takes the intruder image and sends it to your email.

Perfect Applock:

Perfect Applock

Perfect Applock protects your apps on your phone with a pattern, pin or gesture password. The interesting features of Perfect Applock are you may lock your internet data, Wifi also. It has a screen filter feature so you can adjust the brightness of every individual app according to your need. It prevents unwanted screen rotation you can also lock your screen rotation. When the intruder tries to open your phone or apps after three times failed attempt camera snap the photo of an intruder which is quite an impressive feature. This is free for everyone and contains ads.



Lockit is an app lock which protects your private files, photos, videos, documents. You may use to lock your smartphone screen also. It has a built-in phone booster, notification cleaner. You may use a pin or pattern to protect your files. You can also hide a pattern drawn by a user or make it invisible. We can secure our private photos, videos from a gallery and transfer in a private vault. Intruder selfie feature is good and also included in Lockit. It is free for everyone but contains ads.


The above all apps are nice and provide different features. Choose the best app from which suits your security level. Best Applock For Android 2018 gives glims and option to protect your smartphone to the next level. Moreover, do let us know in comment box which app lock you used or if I missed any good app lock.

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